Introduction business manager

After the launch of PYLOT at the GreenTech, we have been engaged and successful in connecting 51 greenhouses in 7 countries. In addition the PYLOT team has successfully developed new features on a regular basis and is working hard towards the launch of PYLOT 2.0.  These developments have attracted international growers and investors, who have shown their interest in the platform.     

Meet Marc

Introduction business manager

To ensure the PYLOT Roadmap, support the development of PYLOT as a Service and the organisation in total, we are pleased to introduce the newest member of the PYLOT team. Marc Rooijakkers has been appointed as Business Manager to lead and develop the PYLOT organisation.

Marc has extensive experience in leading multi-disciplinary teams and organisations in different countries, industries and organisations. His experience and competences are a welcome asset for the PYLOT organisation.

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