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Meet Jarl

From the start of this month, PYLOT has welcomed a new team member. Jarl Blok started as Sales Manager on February 1st. Jarl is well-known in and familiar with the industry after having worked for Royal Paardekooper Group (prev. Van der Windt Verpakkingen) for the last 18 years. Where he was responsible for the export of packaging materials for the agri- and horticultural sectors to a.o. North-America. More recently his main focus of exports changed to the booming Southern-European and Polish markets.


PYLOT’s new “trump card”: Jarl Blok starts as Sales Manager

“Time had come for new adventures after 18 beautiful and interesting years. A period in which I assisted many parties involved (growers, packers, retailers, packaging production plants) with their packaging questions and challenges. Thus having gained good insights into the industry and its processes. It has been a great period, but I was ready for another challenge.

Now the next step in my professional career has brought me to PYLOT! Currently there are many great developments in the horticultural sector in the field of platforms and artificial intelligence (AI). PYLOT is one of them. Making growing easier with a good and complete product. A platform which works hard to support customers and stands for quality and swift performance.

Obviously, I’m seizing this new opportunity with both hands. To advise growers to further optimize their processes and plant strategies. Making the industry more sustainable through data-driven cultivation: ultimately better providing the growing world population with their daily need for fresh produce,” says Jarl.


Getting the most out of a greenhouse nowadays is challenging, but it cán get easier. PYLOT is a smart management system that analyzes and interprets data from high-tech greenhouses to present the results clearly in a user-friendly dashboard. One can easily integrate PYLOT with other software.
The dashboard is popular among growers, owners, crop consultants and investors. All with the same ambition: grip on growing.

With Jarl added to the team, PYLOT continues its organizational growth. On short notice there will be new introductions plus extensions to existing functionalities. Amongst others a functionality will be added which will help growers preparing their short-term forecasts.
To support our growing international customer base, the platform will be available in 7 languages in the near future.

Jarl Blok

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