Data Quality Report

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Data Quality Report

When the data are entered into PYLOT on a regular basis and in a correct way, it ensures the reliability of all reports presented in our online platform. Therefore, it is extremely important that plans, crop harvest and measurements are regularly entered by employees. However, what if you have a huge greenhouse with a large number of departments, planting cycles and varieties? In order to check each planting cycle with regard to plans, crop harvest and measurements, you need to spend quite a long period of time; this is what the greenhouse management staff normally does not have.

There is an icon in the right upper corner of the page, it signals if the data entered is incomplete. Next time you visit the PYLOT website, just have a look at a new icon to the left of your user account: if there is no red dot on the icon, all the data has been entered into the system and you can rely on all reports in PYLOT; if there is a red dot on the icon, it means that some/no data has been entered in PYLOT.

To find out exactly what data is missing in the system, just click on the Data quality report icon and you will get into a new page where information about plans, crop harvests and measurements is presented per each planting cycle. If any of this information is missing, you can solve the problem immediately.

You will always be aware of the relevance of your data now and will be able to take measures to eliminate problems with missing data as quickly as possible!

Our new report brings us one step closer to the goal to Make Growing Easier.