Expansion to eight countries

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Expansion to eight countries

Growers across eight countries have embraced KUBO’s new data platform, PYLOT, in the year since its launch, taking the number of greenhouses using PYLOT to 61. KUBO’s objective was to develop a user-friendly software platform to combine the ever-increasing flow of data from greenhouses. The data output makes it easier for growers to make the right decisions and gives investors the insight they need before making investments. The platform can be used for the five main crops in the horticulture industry.

With PYLOT, KUBO provides a link between management information and climate computer output, including heat, light, feed and energy data. Marc Rooijakkers, PYLOT Business Manager: ‘Growers use various systems, programs and documents to collect data, such as data on plant growth, anticipated harvest and actual harvest. The daily challenge for growers is to link this information with climate data such as CO2, temperature and irrigation. PYLOT combines this information and presents it in a clear dashboard. As a grower, this clear overview provides you with all the information you need to make the right decisions. And, because you can see what impact a change will have on the harvest, it enables you to make improvements in your cultivation methods.’

With PYLOT, the greenhouse builder from Monster has combined all this vital greenhouse data and made this available to a large group of growers. ‘PYLOT offers advantages for those growers who want to start integrating different data streams, that will make their work easier. That’s the group of growers we’re aiming for.’

Interesting for investors
This is why Marc expects PYLOT to be interesting for both the domestic and international markets. ‘The platform has advantages for growers, investors and external cultivation consultants who want to monitor data remotely on base of which they base their advice.’

Greenhouse builder KUBO’s turnover is generated mainly in far-off markets, this is why, for the international roll-out, the PYLOT program is available in five languages, including Chinese. PYLOT also communicates with all prominent climate computer brands that are used across the world: Priva, Hoogendoorn, Hortimax, Fito (Russia) and Argus (America). PYLOT is currently available for the five main crops: tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, aubergine and lettuce.

PYLOT 2.0 introduction
KUBO used expertise and specialists from entirely different sectors in developing the platform, such as the automotive industry. The data platform development is ongoing; the updated version 2.0, containing various improvements and expansions, will be available soon. Marc Rooijakkers: ‘Growers across the world have no problems interpreting data correctly from the program. They really enjoy working with the user-friendly platform and experience that PYLOT makes growing easier. Supported by an extensive training as part of the PYLOT implementation.’

Data security stored in the cloud is also a high priority. ‘More support is available from KUBO Smart Growing for those who want to learn more about interpreting information. They offer support to growers when they first start using Ultra-Clima greenhouses and can also help with remote monitoring. Our specialists can monitor business operations remotely and advise growers accordingly.’