Harvest plan versioning

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Harvest plan versioning

Planning of harvest for the next calendar is an important starting point for the activities of the complete greenhouse complex. This process initiates the purchase of consumables, the preparation of compartments, drawing up a sales plan and building business models. PYLOT is one of the few horticultural platforms that allows you to draw up harvest plans directly inside the platform and compares the initial plan with the actual harvest results and creates clear overview through several reports.

Constant changes in the weather, market demand, diseases on plants etc. are developments which cannot always be foreseen. These developments occur and have an influence on the initial harvest plan. PYLOT enables you to adjust your plan to the new circumstances without  losing your historical data. Valuable data for managers and owners of greenhouses, managing and trading companies and growers who rely on this information. Previous versions of plans are needed for analytical work to improve planning accuracy in the future.

Our current update expands the feature of the harvest plan management and takes the platform to the next level: PYLOT supports versioning of plans and allows you to track the history of changes clearly and quickly. In addition, you can always “back-up” the plan to one of the previous versions. You will never lose historical data and will always be on track with your changes. The new update allows you to track changes made by whom and when, which version of plans are currently used and observe all previous versions of plans for a given calendar year.

In addition, it is possible to generate a summary report on the planned harvest of a certain year with the possibility of applying the following filters:

Based on measurement units:

  • kg/m2
  • kg

Based on crops:

  • tomato
  • cucumber
  • others (depending on specific location)

Based on other parameters:

  • variety
  • greenhouse
  • type

The new functionality allows you to give up on paper reports and Excel sheets, gain full control over the planning process and start the process of digitalizing your business. Test our new feature yourself and see how much easier and more convenient the planning process has become. PYLOT – Make Growing Easier!