Harvest targets

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Harvest targets

Our new update contains significant visual and functional changes. When entering the application https://pylot.app/ now, the visitors see a completely new page Harvest targets which represents the current progress in harvesting.

For greater clarity the harvest scale is highlighted in different colors:

  • green (above the plan)
  • orange (slightly below the plan)
  • red (below the plan, actions must be taken)

The new page Harvest target is logically divided into logical segments. The harvest targets by the current month separated by the crop types are at the top screen are the; it also shows the overall progress from the beginning of the year till now. Below at this page there is a detailed breakdown per each greenhouse department with indication of:

  • monthly plan
  • actual harvest
  • expected harvest for today with stipple line

Please note that it is possible to select the required metrics based on Greenhouses, Varieties and Types depending on the user roles and tasks.