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Change of Ownership

In 2019 KUBO Group launched the PYLOT platform during the GreenTech in Amsterdam with our goal to Make Growing Easier. With an enthusiastic Product Team and support of our early adaptors and ambassadors, PYLOT has evolved into a well-designed and user-friendly platform with intelligent functionalities supporting you daily in a more data driven growing approach.

Change of Ownership

Change of Ownership

KUBO started to design and develop PYLOT in a period of limited availability of user friendly and AI driven platforms. Nowadays more and more platforms have arisen in the market. A great development for investors, managers and growers worldwide.

Due to these market developments and because of a strategic reconsideration, KUBO has decided to sell its PYLOT shares. KUBO’s mission is to Make Growing Easier, grow more sustainable with less use of energy and natural resources. They will continue to invest in this mission, however in other areas and partnerships. 

As a result of this decision, we are happy to share that KUBO Group and L-Charge reached an agreement on May 1st, about the transfer of ownership. L-Charge is a London based innovative company that invests in solutions for a sustainable future. The transfer of ownership is purely transactional and ensures the continuation of services and use of the PYLOT platform. 

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