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As technologically innovative as PYLOT is, there are – and how could it be otherwise – real people behind it. People of flesh and blood, who take a genuine interest in horticulture. People who are hard at work each and every day to bring PYLOT to an even higher degree of perfection and help you get the most out of this unique system. 


Service and support

At PYLOT, we like to go the extra step for our customers. Would you like to have additional information analyzed or have experts remotely look over your crops? Then contact our service and support department.

Call our service and support department. 

Contact persons

Digital innovation with a beating heart

We would like to introduce you to our enthusiastic team. They are always ready to connect, live or online! 

Account Manager

Sergey Makarov

A motivated team always performs better, after all! Sergey looks ahead and has the rare ability to see the trends of tomorrow in his mind today.
Account Manager

Alexey Khanov

Alexey drives his motivation from customer satisfaction. That is why he happily puts his problem-solving abilities, communication skills and enthusiasm at the disposal of his customers every day.

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