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telers lopen door kas met tablet met daarop Pylot kassenmanagement-systeem Powered by KUBO


With Pylot you get a userfriendly, comprehensible dashboard that holds all relevant data from your greenhouse(s). Pylot provides you with insights, overview and all the information you need to optimize efficiency and harvest.

Check only useful data on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Make substantiated decisions and adjust your growing process where and when necessary.

Pylot is available for 5 different crops, for the 5 most popular climate systems and in 5 different languages. To deploy Pylot you will not need to buy new equipment or computers.

Pylot. Grip on Growing.

PYLOT updates

What is happening around PYLOT? And what do you need to know to get a better grip on growing? Keep an eye on this site. We will keep you informed of the latest developments.

PYLOT helps feed the world

More food for a world that needs it

Growers face growing demands and increasingly complex challenges.  Climate, energy sources and growing methods differ strongly from country to country. In a world like this, reliable and actionable data is everything.

PYLOT paves the way for harvests with minimal differences between them. PYLOT increases your changes to turn a profit. It empowers growers anywhere in the world to grow with less effort and more results.  

Powered by KUBO

PYLOT was developed based on KUBO’s horticulture knowledge and expertise. This producer of Full-Service Grow Concepts has over 75 years’ experience in high-tech and sustainable greenhouse construction. We understand the growing process, greenhouse construction technology and the entrepreneur. We have set ourselves the goal of making growing in high-tech greenhouses easier and do this using our Full-Service Grow Concept. If you’d like to know more, please visit the KUBO website.

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