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Grip on growing

Cultivation in a high-tech greenhouse is a complex and complicated process, with huge challenges and crucial decisions. But what if you could do this using all the relevant data from the greenhouse, collated on a platform that understands what you are doing? Meet PYLOT. A new, innovative management system developed using many years’ experience in greenhouse construction, to make cultivation in high-tech greenhouses as easy as possible. PYLOT provides a clear and orderly overview of all the data from the greenhouse and is available on all possible devices. This enables you to make adjustments, take decisions and get the most out of the greenhouse wherever you are. PYLOT keeps you in control. Whether you are a grower, entrepreneur or investor. Grip on growing.

We understand:

  • The needs and challenges of growers.
  • The commercial interests of entrepreneurs or investors.
  • That climate conditions, natural energy sources and cultivation methods differ across the world.

Stable and profitable production

PYLOT opens the doors for stable and profitable production. For maximum control of investments, performance and costs. Whether you have horticulture experience or not. Or whether you want to manage a greenhouse or finance one. PYLOT gives you all the insights you need to make high-tech greenhouse cultivation as easy possible. You know what you’re putting in, what the conditions are and what you’ll get at the end. So you can really manage and get a grip on your crop and returns. To get in touch with your greenhouse.

How PYLOT works

PYLOT works in the cloud and combines all data from the climate computer in the greenhouse, such as heat, light, feed and energy. This can be supplemented manually with data including labour, plant cycles, plantable crop (based on quality) and harvest planning. These data are then collated and displayed on an easy to understand dashboard, designed using our horticulture and greenhouse construction experience. And with your requirements as starting point. This way, you gain clear insights into harvest, crop performance, crop growth, KPI plans, climate and phenology, for example. This makes a complex and complicated process crystal clear.

Version PYLOT Basic 1.0

We start with PYLOT with very attractive options for a good insight and overview. PYLOT Basic combines your plan, all data of the circumstances and your output. PYLOT is undergoing continuous development and new smart developments will be appearing very soon.


All data is collected in an easy to understand dashboard, giving you a 24/7 realtime overview that allows you to analyze and make better decisions, manage predictable growth and gain more control. On desktop, tablet or smartphone.


Smart recommendations help you to improve your strategy to optimize your crop growth and greenhouse management. And ultimately, optimize your crop control.


Once you discover how easy PYLOT is to use, you’ll find time to do what you love most and accelerate your business to the next level.


  • Provides a clear and orderly overview of all the data from the greenhouse
  • Developed based on 75 years’ horticulture experience
  • Compatible with all known climate computers
  • All data are secure
  • Created by young innovators
  • In the cloud
  • Available on practically all devices
  • Real-time overview, 24/7
  • Easy to understand, clear dashboard

PYLOT updates

What is happening around PYLOT? And what do you need to know to get a better grip on growing? Keep an eye on this site. We will keep you informed of the latest developments.

Powered by KUBO

PYLOT was developed based on KUBO’s horticulture knowledge and expertise. This producer of Full-Service Grow Concepts has over 75 years’ experience in high-tech and sustainable greenhouse construction. We understand the growing process, greenhouse construction technology and the entrepreneur. We have set ourselves the goal of making growing in high-tech greenhouses easier and do this using our Full-Service Grow Concept. If you’d like to know more, please visit the KUBO website.

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