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New Feature - Unrealised Potential

When developing and improving the PYLOT platform, we always listen to our customers: What do they need to make their working processes easier. What type of “job needs to be done” and how can we help to improve results step by step and Make Growing Easier.

With this approach in mind, we are enthusiastic about the release of our new feature. 

Unrealised Potential

Release of Unrealised Potential

During the growing process growers analyze actual and historical data to determine the best plant strategy for their crop. What if… you would have a tool which analyses the historical data for you and advises settings to improve performance and achieve your maximum potential.         

PYLOT has created this tool and is proud to have made great steps ahead to fulfill some ambitious expectations. Tons of coding, research, mathematical calculations and joined forces from IT specialist and horticultural experts have resulted in PYLOT’s new feature - Unrealized Potential.

Together with crop experts, we have developed an algorithm based on plant models and plant recipes, which analyzes completed and current crop cycles. As a result the model will show the effectiveness of your plant and climate strategy in comparison to the maximum result you could and can achieve, taking actual climate and light conditions in consideration.

The feature will indicate the difference between achieved level and what the potential harvest could have been and can be.  

The Unrealized Potential model takes the light productivity of a specific variety (number of joules required to produce 1 kg of fruits), the real sun radiation, artificial light hours and 24h temperature and calculates the best crop cycle scenario with the highest possible harvest while keeping the desired fruit weight.

Complicated settings are recalculated in a matter of seconds due to a developed algorithm which is based on practical and commonly used calculations in the horticultural industry. With the “grey box” principle we have combined theoretic models and plant recipes with horticultural expertise. You know the input and see the output, this increases trust and acceptance of the results.

Bandwidth settings such as planting density range, fruits per truss range, flowering speed and ripening time, are considered in the calculations. To maximize the reliability and trustworthiness, the grower can adjust location or crop specific settings providing valid and reliable results for his crops.

The output is presented in graphs showing your efficiency and explains where exactly the growing strategy could be improved. Unrealized Potential provides feedback on the valuable parameters: Plant density, Fruits per truss and your Artificial light strategy. Following the recommended parameters, based on actual temperature and crop cycle settings, the maximum harvest potential and most efficient light hours strategy, could be achieved. 

We help analyzing your data and provide recommendations to optimize your strategy. It’s  like driving a modern car. All systems available assist in the task of reaching your destination, but you are still in the driving seat.

If you are interested in implementing the Unrealised Potential feature in your greenhouse, do not hesitate to contact our sales and support team.

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