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Using PYLOT has made communication between our growers and their advisors a lot more efficient – everything can be seen and reacted to in real time.

Our next step will be to initiate benchmarking throughout our companies with the help of PYLOT.

The support we have received from the PYLOT team has been exceptional.

Mads Ulrik Pedersen CEO

We have been using Pylot for more than 3 years and have already connected 7 of our production locations.

Personally, I find the PYLOT platform very convenient. I see operational information about the state of my greenhouses, I can benchmark historical and the most successful growing cycles with current indicators.

For my management team, PYLOT simplified the planning process, also allowing them to respond in a timely manner to emerging deviations, even before they lead to loss of crops.

Dmitry Lashin COO

As the person responsible for all our growing operations at Wholesum, I always want to keep control of our locations, both in the USA and Mexico. When I consult PYLOT I always have the latest information available and it allows me to make data driven decisions for our farms. Having the right data available is key for a manager of a company such as Wholesum. PYLOT helps me to stay in control without too much effort.

Theojary Crisantes Chief Operations Officer

With PYLOT, I have all the important information about my crop in one place, so I can make the right choices faster and react to changes in the crop.

Robert van Dijk Head Grower Citronex

Together with my customers, we have chosen PYLOT as our platform for registration and evaluation. It is here we have all the information we need in one place,-  and I can save time and focus on a better service for the growers.

Poul Erik Lund Tomato crop adviser

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