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With the feedback of our expanding international customer base, we have constantly and in a rapid succession expanded practical functionalities and by adding more and more intelligent features, we reached the next phase of our great and valued platform. 




PYLOT Professional 2.0 is now our base and by sharing insights and retrieving feedback from our partners and customers, we are adding more and more intelligence, distinctiveness and functionalities which Making Growing Easier.  

PYLOT Professional 2.0

PYLOT Professional 2.0 is our most complete product. You will benefit full data integration with one or multiple climate computers and 3rd party sensor suppliers. Easy creating budget plans and monitoring crop performance. Keep focus on your sustainability and track your resources. Benchmark multiple locations and crop cycles. As a customer you have full access to all dashboards and innovative intelligent functionalities within our platform. Getting grip on your Greenhouse Performance and Plant Strategy, increasing efficiency and profitability.  

  • Full Climate data intergration + 3rd party sensors
  • Get advise on your crop strategy and achieve your maximum potential
  • Harvest Forecasting
  • Track your Resources Consumption
  • Plan your labour
  • Clear Plan-Fact Dashboards
  • Benchmark mutiple locations and crops
  • Benefit from Climate Insights
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PYLOT Essential

Make Growing Easier is our motive by aggregating data and enabling growers to easy analyze their data and offer support in their decision making. With PYLOT Essential you will start with the basics and make the first steps towards data driven growing. All data in one platform presented in clear overview and dashboards. Easy to interpret and easy to share data with your stakeholders. Turn data into information and value.

  • - Full Climate data integration
  • - Crop Cycle and Plant measurement registration
  • - Budget/Harvest planning
  • - A selected number of dashboard functionalities
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