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PYLOT Essential

PYLOT Essential is a smart management system that analyses data from high-tech greenhouses, interprets it and presents it in a user-friendly dashboard in a clear and unambiguous manner.

PYLOT Essential
What is it all about?


If you want to get the most out of your greenhouse and achieve the highest efficiency in your crop growth, it is no longer enough to just rely on experience, gut-feel and intuition. Instead, you need real-time, relevant and actionable data, based on which you can make considered decisions.

Our platform easily integrates with other software, learns, grows and constantly expands with new features. This way you are always up to date about the status of your crops and the performance of your greenhouses. You have all the tools at your disposal to analyse, make decisions and adjustments to optimise your growth strategy.

PYLOT gives you data with a purpose.



Your first steps towards data-driven growing

24/7 accessible via any device with a browser

Real-time, actionable data in one platform, presented in user-friendly and detailed graphs and comprehensible dashboards

Easy to interpret and easy to share data with your stakeholders, where ever you are, without the need to interrupt the operators at work.


Every good crop cycle starts with good planning.

PYLOT Essential provides you with a Budget & Harvest Planner to not only budget your harvest plans but also keep track of their progress and results.

Plan ahead by creating harvest plans upfront and eventually comparing them with the real-time harvest. There is no better way to understand the efficiency of your carefully laid-out plans.


Easily adjust, monitor, and compare your harvest strategy with real-time data

The Crop Cycles and Plans feature of PYLOT allows you to perform plant measurements. It also keeps track of the climate parameters from you climate computer. Based on these inputs you can easily adjust, monitor and compare your harvest strategy with real-time data.

Do away with paper reports and Excel sheets. These become completely obsolete with the Crop Cycle and Plans feature. Instead, PYLOT Essential presents your envisioned harvest targets and the actual progress in easy-to-interpret visuals, so you have the most accurate overview of your cultivation schedule and KPI’s.


Ensure your greenhouses consistently have the optimum climate for each crop type

We offer full climate integration of your climate computers in PYLOT. This ensures all relevant parameters, generated and calculated by your own computers, are clearly represented and usable for reporting and analysis.

With the climate graphs and all userfriendly tools you can easily compare your climate- and sensor data with your plant data, so you can secure the optimum growth environment for each crop.


Stay on top of your harvest targets without having to sift through entire spreadsheets of data.

In order to make the data you collect through PYLOT actionable it needs to be legible. Therefore, the real power of PYLOT Essential comes from the dashboards you have access to, 24/7, from any device with a browser and from anywhere in the world.

They easily represent your monthly plan, the actual harvest as well as the expected harvest for the chosen period.


This is what our customers say about PYLOT Essential

Using PYLOT has made communication between our growers and their advisors a lot more efficient – everything can be seen and reacted to in real time.

Our next step will be to initiate benchmarking throughout our companies with the help of PYLOT.

The support we have received from the PYLOT team has been exceptional.

Mads Ulrik Pedersen

CEO - Pedersen

We have been using Pylot for more than 3 years and have already connected 7 of our production locations.

Personally, I find the PYLOT platform very convenient. I see operational information about the state of my greenhouses, I can benchmark historical and the most successful growing cycles with current indicators.

For my management team, PYLOT simplified the planning process, also allowing them to respond in a timely manner to emerging deviations, even before they lead to loss of crops.

Dmitry Lashin


As the person responsible for all our growing operations at Wholesum, I always want to keep control of our locations, both in the USA and Mexico. When I consult PYLOT I always have the latest information available and it allows me to make data driven decisions for our farms. Having the right data available is key for a manager of a company such as Wholesum. PYLOT helps me to stay in control without too much effort.

Theojary Crisantes

Chief Operations Officer - Wholesum Farms

Trusted by our customers


We offer a completely free, no-strings-attached demo of the PYLOT platform. In 30 minutes you will deep-dive into the tool, together with one of our experts.

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