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We believe all the complex data a greenhouse generates should benefit you. Not make your life more complicated.

That's why we developed PYLOT. PYLOT is a smart system that analyzes and interprets data. PYLOT then presents it in a user-friendly dashboard. It's Software As A Service that helps you grow better and harvest more. PYLOT helps you plan and adjust your growing process in real-time.

It takes all the hard work of out making data work for you, so you can focus on what you do best. 

Crop Cycles and Plans

Plan, adjust and compare harvests

Planning is looking ahead. Crop Cycles and Plans allow you to perform plant measurements and easily draw up harvest plans. It allows you to easily adjust, monitor and compare your plant strategy and plans with the actual results obtained. It makes paper reports and Excel sheets completely obsolete. PYLOT presents your envisioned harvest targets and the actual progress in easy-to-interpret visuals. For a true and clear overview of your cultivation schedule and KPIs.

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Unrealised Potential

Get the best advice on your plant strategy

During the growing process growers analyze actual and historical data to determine the best plant strategy for their crop. What if… you would have a tool which analyses the historical data for you and advises settings to improve performance and achieve your maximum potential.         

We help analyzing your data and provide recommendations to optimize your strategy. It’s  like driving a modern car. All systems available assist in the task of reaching your destination, but you are still in the driving seat.

Unrealised Potential
Climate Insights

Recording incidents

PYLOT’s Climate Insights feature records incidents that disrupt the greenhouse climate and could be harmful to your crop. Smart, self-learning algorithms automatically display deviations that are not desirable for the crop. Your dashboard will immediately show you anything that went wrong, enabling you to respond quickly and make sure that any unexpected discrepancies can be prevented in the future. It has never been so easy to make adjustments and optimise the situation in your greenhouse.

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Benchmarking tool

Which Greenhouse or which Crop performs best?

The benchmarking tool in PYLOT ensures that growers as well as horticultural collectives or their consultants can easily compare the performance of a single crop in different greenhouses, or over multiple periods of time. This ranges from a comparison of the average actual harvest to specific climate data from the greenhouse. Or from the work done to the energy sources used. This means that you will know, at a single glance, which greenhouse is performing best and what can be done to optimise your cultivation strategy. Compare, learn and improve.

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PYLOT dashboard

Real-time overview

PYLOT gives you a real-time, user-friendly dashboard into which all data from your greenhouse – or greenhouses – can be incorporated. You will gain insight and a clear overview of the current situation, and obtain all the information you need to help you increase profitability. Additionally, this feature allows you to view only relevant and up-to-date data on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone so that you can make substantiated decisions and adjustments when necessary.

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More grip on your crop

PYLOT helps you analyzing data from historical  cropcycles quickly and easy. The result will show you what went well and where’s room for improvement. PYLOT uses data to create  predictions and plan new cycles with just a few clicks. More data entered into PYLOT, will result in more precise planning and prognoses.  

That’s how PYLOT makes your life easier.

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  • With PYLOT you can analyse additional data that's relevant to your growing process
  • Upload pictures of your crops to have experts look at them remotely
  • Get advise on your crop strategy and achieve your maximum potential
  • PYLOT is constantly being updated and improved upon
  • PYLOT will give you new features almost every month
Harvest forecast

Harvest forecast

With the harvest foreast feature, PYLOT provides the grower with all the relevant data, calculations and tools to create and communicate a reliable and accurate harvest forecast.

PYLOT presents the data and calculations using their Data Assistant. The Data Assistant presents crucial data in different widgets and provides the grower with accurate information that he/she needs to analyse and make a harvest forecast. 

Harvest forecast
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