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PYLOT gives you a real-time, user-friendly dashboard into which all the data from your greenhouse – or greenhouses – can be incorporated. You will gain insight and a clear overview of the current situation, and obtain all the information you need to help you increase profitability. Additionally, this feature allows you to view only relevant and up-to-date data on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone so that you can make substantiated decisions and adjustments when necessary.

Getting the most out of your greenhouse

In touch with your greenhouse

Getting the most out of your greenhouse is becoming easier every day. Thanks to PYLOT you are not only relying on experience, gut feeling and intuition anymore. With PYLOT you get usable and relevant data. PYLOT is a smart management system that analyses data from high-tech greenhouses, interprets it and presents it in a user-friendly dashboard in a clear and unambiguously manner. A platform that easily integrates with other software, learns, grows and constantly expands with new features. This way you are always up to date about the status of your crop and the performance of your greenhouse. You have all the tools at your disposal to analyse, make decisions and adjustments to optimise your strategy. Data with a purpose. It is therefore not without reason that PYLOT has been embraced by growers, owners, crop consultants and investors all over the world. All with the same ambition: Grip on Growing. 

Data with a purpose

Increase the Performance of your Greenhouse and Crop

We believe that all data generated by high-tech greenhouses is of value and should help you to optimise crop performance. It is not always easy to aggregate this data and it often makes your work more complicated. You have to invest precious time in collecting, analysing and interpreting your data. PYLOT turns raw data into directly usable management information, presented in a user-friendly and clear dashboard. Data with a purpose. Of equal interest to growers, owners, crop consultants and investors. 

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