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PYLOT helps to plan harvesting from day to day

Crop Cycles. This is the name of the new functionality of the data platform for high-tech greenhouses. Crop Cycles enables you to draw up and amend harvest plans and compare them with the real results. 'The new functionality eliminates the need for paper reports and Excel spreadsheets,' says business unit manager Marc Rooijakkers from PYLOT. Last year, greenhouse constructor KUBO introduced PYLOT as a user-friendly system to obtain more control over the cultivation process. New functionalities are added to the system on a regular basis.

helps to plan harvesting from day to day

Crop Cycles

Easy to amend plans

Making and streamlining these plans helps growers respond to peak days, market demand or retail promotions. But no matter how good the conditions in a greenhouse are, unexpected events can disrupt plans and consequently the harvest objectives.

If anything changes during the cultivation, the user merely enters the changes into PYLOT. The other data remains the same so that cultivation cycles can always be easily compared. ‘The system automatically updates all the changes and knows who made them and when,’ says Marc Rooijakkers.

Extensive analyses included

This update offers even more numerous and extensive analysis functions. Users can view the harvests of recent years and filter on kg, kg/M2, variety or greenhouse, for example. Pylot presents the harvest goals and the progress in clear visuals. The next new functionality of PYLOT, Climate Insights, will be added to the dashboard next month.

Helps with management decisions

PYLOT turns raw data from high-tech greenhouses into usable management information. The system is available for 5 different crops, 5 languages and the 5 main climate computers. This means that benchmarking over different greenhouses takes minutes rather than days.  KUBO developed PYLOT to provide growers domestically and internationally more control over the cultivation process. Experienced growers save time because they only see relevant data. Thanks to the clarity and user friendliness of PYLOT, less experienced users and investors receive more and faster insight into the results of their greenhouse.

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