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PYLOT continues to expand the functionalities of its platform at a rapid pace. Users of the program are now able to benchmark performance and climate data. This allows growers – as well as horticultural collectives or their consultants – to easily compare the performance of crop’s in different greenhouses, or over multiple periods of time, for example. We make life easier for growers and provide insight and overview of all relevant data. The benchmarking functionality will be made available to all PYLOT users immediately.

benchmark performance and climate data

PYLOT is further expanding its software platform and introduces benchmarking

‘You can compare data in various ways, but you often encounter limitations with regard to datafiles or  system capabilities. Why gather data if you can’t benefit from it, says business manager Marc Rooijakkers. ‘One of the greatest strengths of the Benchmark functionality in PYLOT is that it lets you establish a link between all the data from your climate computer and the harvest data from your cultivation cycles and plant registration. PYLOT correlates data and offers numerous possibilities for comparison that are easy to use and understand, based on which you can optimize your growing strategy. To provide an example: with PYLOT you can easily make breakdowns between cultivation results and the use of assimilation lighting, CO2, achieved humidity, and so on.’

PYLOT has noted a significant demand among growers for the ability to compare one another’s cultivation data. ‘The feedback we obtained from growers is highly positive. You can now see all the factors you can control and improve for each cultivation cycle individually.’


The feature offers numerous possibilities for comparison, such as the average weekly harvest, the total harvest per square metre, the duration of a cultivation cycle, greenhouse climate data and the use of artificial light. The new feature is already available to all PYLOT users. They will receive clear instructions prior to taking the new feature into commission.

Further expansion

In recent months, PYLOT has taken major steps to further expand its platform. Last month, PYLOT added incident management to its functionalities. PYLOT was launched with the aim of translating data from various brands of climate computers into usable management information. The user-friendly software platform can handle the five largest brands of climate computers and is available for the five most commonly grown crops in greenhouse horticulture. And  the platform is available in five languages.

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