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Harvest Forecast: New Model, Higher Accuracy

At Pylot, we're thrilled to unveil the latest version of our Harvest Forecast feature, designed to revolutionize how growers track forecasts for cucumbers and tomatoes. With nearly two years of successful implementation under its belt, Harvest Forecast has become a cornerstone tool for greenhouse teams worldwide.

New Version of Harvest Forecast

Introducing the Enhanced Harvest Forecast Feature

Welcome to the future of crop prediction! At Pylot, we are proud to introduce the latest iteration of our Harvest Forecast feature, poised to revolutionize how growers monitor forecasts for cucumbers and tomatoes. With nearly two years of successful implementation, Harvest Forecast has solidified its position as an indispensable tool for greenhouse teams worldwide.

More than just a prediction tool, Harvest Forecast fosters a collaborative environment where growers, managers, and sales teams can seamlessly coordinate their forecasts. By providing a common platform, it ensures everyone speaks the same language when it comes to planning and decision-making.

While our users have already embraced Harvest Forecast, we're committed to constant improvement. Over the past two years, we've meticulously collected data and revamped our prediction model's architecture. The result? An impressive average accuracy increase of over 5% for both cucumbers and tomatoes.

In the horticulture industry, where even a 1% accuracy improvement can translate into significant benefits such as reduced penalties from retailers, higher prices, and increased profitability, our advancements are game-changing.

We're confident that both our existing and prospective customers will find immense value in our enhanced Harvest Forecast feature. And rest assured, our dedication to innovation doesn't stop here. In the pipeline, we're planning to incorporate plant measurements and factor in climate incidents to further refine our prediction model.

Stay tuned as we continue to unveil the latest updates on Harvest Forecast. If you're eager to experience this groundbreaking feature and more in your greenhouse operations, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to provide demos and support to help you maximize your yields and profits.

Join us on this exciting journey towards smarter, more efficient crop management with Pylot.

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