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Grip on growing

The population of the world is growing expansively. As a food shortage is predicted, it is extremely important that growers are ready to meet this demand. At the same time, we see more and more information and data coming from high-tech greenhouses, making it increasingly complex to manage a stable and profitable produce. As a grower or entrepreneur this is a major challenge.

Today, there are not enough well-trained growers available within the global horticulture sector to scale up greenhouse businesses. We believe that complex big data and operations can be simplified in order to contribute to the process of growing in high-tech greenhouses. That’s why we started PYLOT. It is a Software As A Service (SAAS) product that facilitates making growing easier and scaling up the greenhouse businesses!

PYLOT makes all data from the greenhouse transparent and well-arranged for timely and adequate adjustments and greenhouse management. This easy to use and realtime overview gives you more control and enables you to improve your business. It’s time to do what you love most.

Customer Value is the inspiration for PYLOT’s future. Together with our customers, we keep developing new applications for distinctive capacity and integrating proven functionalities where possible. Always to make it easier for you. Simplicity, quality and reliability are very important values. Ultimately, PYLOT will ensure that growing in high-tech greenhouses takes place as autonomously as possible. PYLOT allows you to take back control and become a successful grower or entrepreneur that accelerates!