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Grip on growing

Our planet’s population is growing rapidly. Food shortages are becoming a real threat, especially in parts of the world where climate and geography pose challenges for growers. But growing in one part of the world is not that same as in another part. Each surrounding presents its own challenges. At the same time, greenhouses produce more and more data. That data can help duplicate results from one region to another. It could help level the worldwide playing field. But analyzing and interpreting all that data takes time. Professionals who want to be working in the greenhouses, have to invest an awful lot of their valuable time in making data work for them. This is no small problem. Because, as it is, there’s already a shortage of qualified growing professionals that can help to get more out of greenhouses. We looked for and found a way to make the data more transparent and accessible. We made it work for growers. And by doing that, we made growing in greenhouse a whole lot easier.

We developed PYLOT, A Software As A Service (SAAS) product that will help you to grow better and grow more in your greenhouses. PYLOT analyses and interprets your greenhouses data for you. You will get total transparency and easy insights into results and the parameters that helped shape either success or failure. PYLOT puts control over your greenhouses firmly in your hands. Analyses of data gathered will help you optimize the way you run your greenhouses. Results from the past will help you plan and shape the future. PYLOT will take away the burden of data-analyses away from your specialists. So they can focus on their actual specialisms.

Our inspiration for the future of PYLOT is to add value for our customers. Together with you, we will keep on developing new functionalities. We will continuously offer new options and functions that have proven to be useful to you. Our most important goal: to make life and work easier for you. Our most important values in doing so are simplicity, quality and reliability.

PYLOT will help you grow!