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Your PYLOT Dashboard: all the insight and information you need

We believe all the complex data a greenhouse generates should benefit you. Not make your life more complicated.

That's why we developed PYLOT. PYLOT is a smart system that analyzes and interprets data. PYLOT then presents it in a user-friendly dashboard. It's Software As A Service that helps you grow better and harvest more. PYLOT helps you plan and adjust your growing process in real-time.

It takes all the hard work of out making data work for you, so you can focus on what you do best. 

PYLOT Point by Point

For growers

  • Pylot makes planning, adjusting and optimizing easier than ever before.
  • Pylot collects, organizes and interprets all kinds of data.
    • From the 5 most popular climate systems.
  • You see only what is relevant for you at that time.
  • Pylot also works on your tablets and mobile devices.
  • Pylot is cloud based. All you need is a web browser.
    • So: no additional investments, no installations or time-consuming update procedures.

For owners:

  • Pylot provides you with insights on your greenhouse’s efficiency.
  • Pylot uses algorithms and historical data to calculate your expected harvest.
  • Pylot helps you to make more substantiated management decisions.
  • Pylot helps you to invest in your greenhouses goal oriented and more efficiently.

Data with a purpose

See what matters. Without noise. Without delay.

Modern greenhouses generate massive amounts of data. Interpreting this output takes more and more time and specialized knowledge. Qualified people are hard enough to find as it is. And it feels like we’re asking them to become technicians rather than growers.

Let Pylot analyze your data, interpret it and add context to it:

  • So you won’t see all the data all the time. Just what’s relevant for you.
  • So you can stop looking back and start looking forward
  • So your professionals can focus on what they do best: growing
  • So you will get more results per M2.

PYLOT keeps you informed

Track deviations. Take action.

The last thing you want is to keep up with all data about temperature or humidity all the time. You want to know when deviations impact your harvest. So you can solve problems and even prevent them.

Pylot’s feature “Climate Insights” is just what you need.

Climate Insights registers and filters data in real-time. When a deviation occurs, PYLOT will register it and it will show up in your dashboard. It’s that type of information that will help you explain unexpected discrepancies. And even more important: it will help you prevent them in the future.  

Which greenhouse performs best?

Benchmarking done right

PYLOT gathers and processes all data from the 5 most popular greenhouse climate systems.

But your PYLOT dashboard will look the same with all five.

That makes it easier than ever to compare different greenhouses and systems. You’ll quickly know what greenhouses produce the best harvests. And how you can get the same results from your other greenhouses.

But there’s more to PYLOT’s benchmarking. A unique feature lets you compare your data with that of some of your colleague’s, offering you a whole new source of optimization data.

PYLOT learns from the past

...and helps you predict and plan the future

PYLOT helps you analyze data from previous growth cycles quickly and easily. The result will show you what went well and where there’s room for improvement.

PYLOT uses this data to make predictions and plan new cycles with just a few clicks. The more data PYLOT gathers, the more precise your planning and prognoses will become.

That’s how PYLOT makes the past work for you.

PYLOT keeps getting better

The system that learns and grows

PYLOT is a smart system. It learns from the output of your greenhouse, but from others as well. Like the ones from other growers in study groups all over the world.

With the right data we can prevent the unnecessary repetition of errors. It helps us to make growing possible anywhere in the world. And we use it to make PYLOT even better, more useful and more user-friendly.

We update PYLOT on a regular basis. We add small optimizations and groundbreaking expansions.

All with just one purpose: to help you grow. Faster and more efficiently.  



There's more to PYLOT

  • With PYLOT you can analyse additional data that's relevant to your growing process
  • Upload pictures of your crops to have experts look at them remotely
  • PYLOT is constantly being updated and improved upon
  • PYLOT will give you new features almost every month