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Climate Insights 2.0

Climate incidents, such as temperature and humidity fluctuations, can have a significant impact on plant growth and yield. If left unaddressed, these incidents can lead to crop damage or even complete crop failure. The consequences can vary from short-term if incident is rather moderate to long-term if plants are seriously affected and cannot be reach their full potential anymore. This results in significant financial losses for the greenhouse.

Automated climate monitoring systems can detect and alert greenhouse operators to climate incidents in real-time. This allows for quick action to be taken to rectify the situation before it causes any harm to the crops. Additionally, automatic analysis of climate incidents can provide valuable insights into the greenhouse environment, allowing for the optimisation of plant growth conditions.

Climate Insights 2.0

With our new version of Climate Insights, we brought an automated climate analysis to a higher level

We took existing smart algorithms, expertise of our horticulture and climate experts and rediscovered the UI of this feature. Description below will help you to stay in touch with climate analysis in PYLOT.

What’s new?

  1. Improvements in navigation
  2. New version of Climate Insights
  3. Climate insights dashboard is obsolete
  1. Improvements in navigation

Before we start diving into Climate Insights 2.0, it makes sense to say a few words about improvements in navigation we made in the same release. Those improvements directly affect Climate Insights feature and shall be highlighted first.

The “Graphs” page is transformed into a drop-down menu named “Analysis”; it consists of “Graphs” and “Incidents” pages. We decided to combine all tools for analysing the climate in one place. Whether it is a manual analysis using good old graphs or an automatic analysis via automatically generated incidents, everything is at your fingertips now. Climate Insights is evolved from Dashboard to a separate page within Analysis tool. More details will follow further.

And one more thing about navigation: “Crops” page has a drop-down menu as well. If you are on a Professional pricing plan and have a Harvest Forecast module activated, you will have two pages dropped-down: “Crop cycles” and “Harvest forecast”. If you haven’t checked out Harvest forecast module yet, contact our Support team and they will follow you all the way through.

  1. New version of Climate Insights

As mentioned above, Climate Insights is not a static dashboard anymore, it is an interactive timeline giving you detailed overview of climate issues in your location. Let’s move to details.

  • The main working area is a timeline showing you type of incident, when it starts and its duration. You can zoom in/out the canvas and focus on the required time period. In Climate Insights 1.0 it was only possible to see whether a day is red (with incidents) or green (without incidents). With a new UI, the level of details you see within seconds is astonished.
  • Apart from that, you can filter out what exactly you want to track. You can turn on/off different incidents, display certain compartments and leave only critical incidents.
  • If you need more details of an incident, there is an overview window with basic info and small graph with necessary climate metrics. If you require deeper analysis opportunities, from an overview window you can jump to big graphs with climate metrics already pre-selected.
  • Another improvement – highly requested by our users – is the page with configuration of each incident. No ‘black boxes’ anymore, we show you exact parameters which will generate an incident. To make the story full, we can adjust such parameters according to your requirements. Analysis tool which knows what you want, makes a lot of analytics in background instead of you and saves you a lot of time.
  1. Climate insights dashboard is obsolete

Like we mentioned earlier, Climate Insights dashboard is evolved into a separate Analytics tool and removed from dashboard page. Next time you open Dashboards and find it disappeared, you know where to look for it… Analysis -> Incidents.

Climate Insights 2.0 is a simple and complicated tool at the same time. It can analyze your climate settings 24/7 without your direct influence and inform you if something goes wrong. On the other hand, if you are a data-driven grower, it opens up a Big Data analysis for you and allows you to fine tune your climate to get maximum of your plants.


Stay tuned because we are already working on Climate Insights 2.0+ with alerting capabilities and new climate and hardware incidents.


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