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Crop Strategy Graphs

Our mission is to Make Growing Easier with the help of data and AI. As a platform we are not just collecting and presenting data. With the help and insights from our expert panel, we create functionalities which transform data into information and create value for our users. In our development process we constantly focus on user friendliness, performance and practical use. A lot of our development finds its base in listening to our customers and foreseeing in their daily data requirements for operating their greenhouses and managing their crop. 

We are happy to share a new update which is made available for the PYLOT Essential and PYLOT Professional users. A new functionality that brings the flexibility of our platform to a next level. It is called Crop Strategy Graphs and makes it possible to create specific graphs on crop cycle level.


Crop Strategy Graphs

With our new Crop Strategy Graphs we support the needs of growers who have a data-driven focus.

It was always (and still is) possible to build up graphs in PYLOT using climate metrics from your climate computer. With new releases we improved our graphs allowing users to add plant measurements, to select metrics for specific crop cycles and many more.

With our new Crop Strategy Graphs we support the needs of growers who have a data-driven focus. With these graphs you can generate cumulative values which are not available in your climate computer, see correlations between parameters and detect trends which differ depending on the season available for all your crop cycles.

Currently we have 3 examples available and are retrieving feedback for more specific requirements. We also foresee the opportunity for further data integration and graph visualization for 3rd party integration partners. We are open to support any specific requirement. The first available Crop Strategy Graphs are:

  1. Radiation-Temperature Ratio (RTR)
  2. Radiation/Water Ration
  3. Plant balance


  1. Radiation-Temperature Ratio (RTR)

A commonly used calculation ratio for the temperature – light balance, which is key for a productive cultivation. Keep track of a good balance between the average temperature in your greenhouse and the average available light level. The right combination of light sum and average temperature gives a balanced plant. A steady RTR leads to an optimal plant load, plant growth, fruit set and harvest.

  1. Radiation/Water Ratio

The second graph is presenting the ratio between daily irrigation/drain and daily radiation. It is essential to maintain a balance here. By doing so you prevent dehydration and water stress in the short term and enable growth and production of fruits and flowers in the longer term. Plant transpiration is extremely important, directly affecting photosynthesis as well as nutrient intake. This ratio ideally is to be kept at a constant level to ensure correct irrigation cycles. Both graphs support big flexibility to customize required calculations.

  1. Plant balance

It all starts with Photosynthesis which is the starting point for optimizing plant growth. This graph is widely used in horticulture and it is now available in PYLOT. The plant will always balance its consumption and production of assimilates. In case of an assimilate shortage, the plant will cut down on consumption, at the cost of development or quality. Simply said the graphs shows whether your plants are in vegetative or generative state.

PYLOT allows you to see plant balance for all your crop cycles and timely adjust your climate parameters, irrigation schedule and labor work to steer your plants in either vegetative or generative direction.


With this release we also included some optimizations.

Benchmarking / weeks

We extended the Benchmarking functionality. Before today we supported the possibility of  comparing crop cycles and all related climate and harvest parameters by plant age. With a new release we have added 2 more comparison options: by years and by calendar weeks.

Date selector

There is another improvement in this release which will make working with PYLOT even more user friendly. It’s our new date selector throughout the platform. In the eye a small optimization but definitely improves the overall user experience when selecting your desired time period.

Did we trigger your interest on our functionalities or do you want more information on the availability of these graphs, please contact our support team. We are happy to be of service.

If you want to add above-mentioned Crop Strategy Graphs to your account or even want to create new ones, please contact our support team.



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