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Data Protection and Continuous Improvement

In our path of continuous improvement, we release new features and optimizations on a regular basis. By doing so our customers directly benefit in their daily use of PYLOT. We adopt many great ideas from our users and we are happy to implement them in this rapid succession. This is our path to become the essential tool in high-tech greenhouses.

And Again a New Release Update

Data protection and Continuous Improvement

These improvements go in parallel with bigger feature developments based on our own expertise and future vision of the horticulture industry. We are committed to shape that future together with our users.

What’s new?

  1. 2-factor authentication
  2. Improved user experience in Harvest Forecast
  3. Improve navigation between Crop Cycles
  4. Energy meter integration
  5. Light Use Efficiency – calculation in PYLOT

Please find below a short guide through these new items.

2-factor authentication

Protection of data is a crucial topic. Data which is in full ownership of our customers. Data which must be safe. To increase the level of protection, we developed a 2-factor authentication (2FA) for our login page.

2FA is an additional level of security used to make sure that people trying to gain access to PYLOT. The 2FA can be activated on the request of our customers. After entering the  username and password, the user has to enter a code which is provided through a SMS message. If you require 2FA, please contact our support team.

Improve navigation between Crop Cycles

User friendliness is key for PYLOT, this is why we added a new button to easily switch between crop cycles. When you are inside a crop cycle (e.g., entering harvest or plant measurements) and want to switch between cycles, you can easily select the new button and switch crop cycles. The same view will open in your newly selected cycle. Definitely an improvement which saves clicking while switching. It will save your time and make growing easier.

Energy meter integration

PYLOT supports automated and manual input of data. Ideally everything should be automated, to support this idea we are happy to inform you that we created a software tool which automatically collects meter readings from external sensors/systems and make them available in PYLOT. As an example we now support Schneider Electric meter readings and add them as a daily aggregated value in PYLOT. If you require integration of smart energy consumption analysis for your location, feel free to contact us.

Light Use Efficiency – calculation in PYLOT

A new calculated metric on Light Use Efficiency (LUE) is now available in PYLOT.

LUE defines the vegetation efficiency of converting radiative energy into biochemical energy through photosynthesis. The LUE parameter will inform you how effective your setup lighting strategy is. LUE is not something trivial to calculate yourself in real-time but with the help of PYLOT, the calculation is easily available in PYLOT 24/7.

PYLOT never stops working on improving the platform and make your life easier.

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