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Plant Measurements and Calculations

Managing your crop is a growers daily practice. Crop evaluation is done best while walking through your greenhouse, actually feeling the greenhouse climate and judging the plants and fruits by sight. Performing and registration of plant measurements supports the visual evaluation. Analyzing facts and figures opens up the road to a more data driven growing approach.

Plant Measurements 2.0

Plant Measurements and Calculations

Crop Cycle and plant registration is part of PYLOT’s basic functionalities but was still missing some fundamental requirements. With the feedback from our expert panel, we have optimized this functionality. Increasing user friendliness and visualization of the plant progress and more importantly, supporting customization of your required measurements and calculations such as flowering- and ripening speed.     

We conducted dozens of interviews with growers around the world, receiving useful feedback and implemented all of this in our plant measurement version 2.0. Let’s have a look together what has been improved.

The first thing that strikes the eye is the modified design. We added a visual section with graphs. You can easily see the performance of your plant and how it’s changing over time, not only in figures but also with the help of line charts. The chart can be extended with other metrics required for your evaluation.

The update allows to add climate metrics, calculated metrics, labor tracking, pest management or harvest results to the visual representation. The scalability of the graphs creates a clear overview.

The update supports:

  • Copy and pasting of multiple measurements from other sources.
  • Renaming of plants and customization. e.g. by the number or gutter.
  • Easily switching between weeks with an updated data picker.
  • Easily creating additional plants when plant density changes or if you need to take extra measurements from other reference plants.

As mentioned, we have developed the possibility to add calculated metrics based on the plant measurements. No more additional excel calculations are required, PYLOT does the math for you, Making Growing Easier.

As a template we support the basic calculations:

  • Stem length calc.
  • Weekly open flowers calc.
  • Weekly set fruits calc.
  • Weekly harvested fruits calc.
  • Fruit load calc.

With our new update you can fully customize your requirements. Add, organize and calculate. Just let us know and our support team is more than happy to fulfill your requirements for calculated metrics.

Every time making steps forward, increasing user friendliness, adding value and a stable performance. PYLOT the independent platform.    

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